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Hey teatime, thanks for looking at my game. Now I'm going to look at your work.

Hi teatime,
this is Fabrizio from Italy, but I think to be more familiar to you with the name of FMA3110 :-) …
Yes, I’m the author of the original Mozart’s Name Day apps for Android, and I want to say a big THANK YOU for your work in the porting to Ren’py :-) !!!
You made an excellent job (and I can confirm the the Linux version works absolutely fine as well, tested on Ubuntu 16.04).
This is exactly the reason for me releasing the stories under the Creative Common License, with the hope that someone could like and use them to spread the knowledge of Mozart (who made my life richer) in more and different ways: if I can be of help with raw materials (images, midi, sound font, etc.) just let me know :-).
I found your porting while checking the Google rank for the page related to my new Mozartian Halloween project, a dream finally came true:
It is a theatrical entertainment show for children, born and adapted from the ideas on which the five original stories were born, I hope you will find it interesting. Thanks again, I was very happy to find out your porting!!!

It was my pleasure! I'm a lover of Mozart and of visual novels that don't fit the typical mold, and I didn't want to see this work get lost to time. Thanks for creating it. Congrats and good luck on your theater project! It looks like great fun. Definitely something I would have loved as a kid.

If you could send me the full credits for the final episode, that would be very helpful. For some reason the app glitches and won't display them.

Glad that you liked the theater project :-) !
Full credits for the final episode  are ready to be sent: I can post them in a reply here or send to you through email, as you prefer.
In the latter case, send to me a message to fma3110 (the very same username I used here) [at] gmail [dot] com (sorry for writing the email address this way, just trying to avoid email crawlers).

Pretty neat.

this is really creepy and interesting.